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1Sometimes you can grab an expensive RC quadcopter at a really affordable price, provided of course that you know where to search for rc quadcopters for sale. But a discount is not all that you should look for. At times, manufacturers relaunch popular models in bundles, allowing you to grab two, three, or even more quadcopters from the same series in the same box. Finally, RC quadcopter parts are often available for sale and it’s always wise to get some as replacements for the vital components of your current model that are most susceptible to damage.

RC Toys Village New Model Apache Military 3CH RC Quadcopter

The newly launched Apache Military RC Quadcopter from RC Toys Village is one of the best models in its price range. It comes with omni-directional flight, 3 channels controller, and a LiPo rechargeable battery that can sustain flight for up to 15 minutes. Highly responsive, this model flies just as well outdoors (provided there’s no wind), as it does indoors. Besides the aircraft, this special pack features a bonus motor and 4 blades, whose combined worth is $20. Notable for its high flight capability and durable frame.

6 CH 2.4GHz Ninja 450 Pro V2 CCPM 3D Aerobatic RC Quadcopter RTF

Targeting pilots who want to go one step beyond average micro electric RC quadcopters Injuries, the Ninja 450 Pro V2 is a 6-channel model that comes with an excellent remote control. Constructed from a blend of carbon fiber and alloy, it’s remarkable for its resistance to impacts. The Ninja 450 Pro V2 is considerably larger and more powerful than the average electric RC quadcopter, making it a good choice if you want a RC quadcopter that can fly without problems outdoors. Included in the pack is a training kit and an aluminum carry case with a lock.

3 Channel Alloy Shark Outdoor RC Quadcopter

This RC quadcopter is powered by a 3.7v LiPo battery that takes about 60 minutes to charge and provides up to 9 minutes of flight time. Being larger than most electr2ic RC quadcopters (37.5x14x17.5 cm), the 3 Channel Alloy Shark is capable of flying both indoors and outdoors. Its size however, recommends it primarily for outdoor use. Assuming that the weather is fine, i.e. no rain or wind, this model has a stable flight. Moreover it’s quite responsive and can fly precisely both forwards and backwards – pilots familiar with micro models will appreciate this. The box contains a spare propeller for the tail.


All About (Basic) triathlon Equipment

30To do an effective beginner triathlon running  plan, you’ve got to have the right equipment.  When I started as a beginner, triathlon running  equipment really confused and overwhelmed me.  I

eventually figured out that it’s kind of like buying a car – there are things that you have to have (like an engine and transmission), and then there are things that you’d like to have (like leather seats and a navigation system).  I’ll try to help separate some of those things out for you, and help you make decisions about both types of equipment.

First, the obvious:  you need shoes.  A good, comfortable pair of shoes (surprise, surprise) makes all the difference.  And the first piece of advice I have is that the more money you spend won’t necessarily make them more comfortable or supportive.  In fact, I guess I’m lucky in that my feet aren’t picky, and I’ve always been able to get by with buying relatively inexpensive ($75 – $100) triathlon running  shoes from chain stores like Foot Locker and Dick’s.  (Right now I’m on my second pair of Nike + shoes that I paid around $90 for.)  And that’s where I’d start – with a relatively inexpensive pair of shoes that feels comfortable.

Now don’t get me wrong – there are plenty of my diehard triathlon running  friends, people who aren’t beginner triathlon running  any more, who swear by only buying higher-end shoes from boutique stores that specialize in triathlon running  shoes and cater to runners.  They typically sing the praises of these places by saying that it’s worth the price difference because the salespeople are knowledgeable and will take care to “fit” you with the right shoe.

And while I know all that’s true, my point is that my $90 Nikes from a chain store are supportive and comfortable, and I don’t have any aches or pains.  So my advice is:  start with a relatively inexpensive pair of shoes that are comfortable and supportive.  If you just can’t find a pair that’s comfortable and supportive, then spend some extra money in a boutique store, where the sales staff will be knowledgeable enough to diagnose what kind of support you’re lacking, and steer you to a particular shoe that will have what you need.

Second, you need socks and enough clothes to keep you out of jail, depending on whether you’re male or female.  When it comes to socks and t-shirts in particular, there is a very important triathlon running gear expression to remember:  ”cotton kills.”  I learned this the hard way – when I first started my beginner triathlon running  program.

I bought a bunch of cheap 100% cotton ankle socks, t-shirts and 31shorts to run in.  What I wound up with was  red, irritated and sore feet and (at the risk of Too Much Information) nipples.  100% cotton is really comfortable in regular clothing, but if you rub it constantly against your skin for 30 minutes, you’re going to get chafing.

So for socks, look for those that aren’t 100% cotton – they’ll usually be some kind of lycra/polyester blend, or some other kind of synthetic fabric.  And for shirts, guys (like me) have the option of going shirtless, weather permitting, but if weather (or your gym) doesn’t permit this option, look for Under Armor type t-shirts (although the name brand can be expensive, and I recommend buying non-name-brand shirts from Target or Wal-Mart) that aren’t 100% cotton.

For girls, this may not be as big of an issue, so long as you’re wearing a sports bra.  Shorts, in my case at least, are a little more forgiving – I run in cotton shorts probably about half the time, but like my synthetic ones a lot, too.

One other point about steering clear of 100% cotton clothes in a beginner triathlon running  program – if you’re like me, you’re going to sweat . . . a lot.  100% cotton shirts and shorts get wet, heavy and slightly disgusting if you sweat a lot.  Synthetic fabric clothes are mainly designed to wick moisture away from your body and keep you drier while you exercise.

So – in my experience, at least – I think the best basic equipment is a good, comfortable pair of shoes, some synthetic socks and some comfortable shorts and t-shirts.  In my next post we’ll talk about optional equipment – goodies like music players and other gadgets.